We are so grateful to our readers, fans, friends, colleagues, and book sellers that  we decided to find a way to give back to you for your support.

Welcome to The GRATITUDE List

Counting your blessings improves your life in so many ways. Take the time to think about, write down, and express gratitude daily! There is scientific evidence that gratitude improves your health.And now you can post your gratitude daily right here on this website. Log on and visit every day. Watch your life transform in a positive way.

Your source for FREE spiritual resources!

The Gratitude List was established with the intention of giving gratitude to the readers, fans and supporters of founding authors Joan Ranquet and Margaret Ann Lembo.

Every now and then, The Gratitude List will “open.”
On that day (and that day only!) you can download amazing resources
from leading voices in spirituality, intuition, energy healing and more.

And best of all, everything is FREE!

How it works…

Our first Gratitude List featured resources from author and co-founders Joan Ranquet. It’s her way of saying “thanks” to our clients, fans and friends.

We have featured many luminaries and more are on our list. The next group of featured spiritual authors and musicians will provide you with great inspiration with their gift.

During the 24 hours when The Gratitude List is “open”, you’ll be linked to a page of downloadable gifts that are yours FREE! These might include audio courses, ebooks, music—the List is always changing.

Will there be more Gratitude Lists?

Yes! We’re already inviting authors, teachers and leaders in the mind/body/spirit community to participate in the next Gratitude List, so you’ll have even more FREE resources to choose from!

When’s the NEXT Gratitude List?

Shhh… it’s a secret! Each new event takes place on a different, top secret, seemingly “random” day. How will you know? Sign up now, and we’ll email you before the next event! Registered already? You’ll be notified automatically.

Can I tell my friends?

Absolutely! Anyone can sign up—even when the Gratitude List is  “closed”. So go ahead—share the news! Twitter it! FB it! We want to say “thanks” to as many folks as possible!